What we have done to bring Positive Change – Corporation for Positive Change Latin America

What we have done to bring Positive Change

Evolutionary Catalysts

We have created a sense of

ownership in which anyone is

able to fulfill an assignment.

Always giving his best to

accomplish his goals.

We are constantly changing the lives of our members designing a model that will be replicated by them. It’s intended to be: ‘copy please’ / do-it-yourself inside any organization/project.We have developed a technology that permits us to’find ourselves during the finding process’, this leads us to catalyze.

  • Encourage autonomy in our members.
  • Professionals that endorse transdisciplinarity.
  • Guide and deliver all activities made by each member of the group. Many perspectives and initiatives converge.
  • Different committes and roles: Logistics committee, finances, etc., and other specific roles who are also responsible for the success of the project

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